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The farming trajectory of Mr. Madalitso Chapweteka

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Madalitso Chapweteka and his wife standing next to the car they bought through rice farming

Madalitso Chapweteka born in 1979 started farming rice in 1998 on a 0.4 Ha piece of land from where he used to harvest 400 Kgs. This was the case because he was using recycled seed and without any good agricultural practices. His life started to change for the better in 2009 with the coming in of the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) at Domasi Irrigation Scheme. AICC introduced a project which was providing inputs through revolving loan to the farmers, promoting good agricultural practices (GAPs). The project also introduced modern farming technologies in rice production in order for them to increase their rice production.

Mr Chapweteka was one of the first 2057 beneficiaries of the farm input loan and the trainings in good agriculture practices in 2009. He immediately put to practice what he learnt from the project on his 0.4 ha plot and harvested 50 bags that harvest season which he sold at a total value of K705, 000.He saved K500, 000 from the proceeds and bought ten more plots (0.4Ha each) and some inputs for the next growing season. Mr Chapweteka continued to adhere to the saving culture, proper planning, record keeping and taking farming seriously as a business he learnt from AICC.

Mr Chapweteka who is married with four children now grows rice on a 0.8 Ha and has managed to buy one tonne Nissan hard body car from his rice proceeds. He has also managed to send his children to school and bought some livestock.  


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