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Young Farmer Empowered Economically Through Groundnut Production

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…“I am now into pig production and I have managed to buy land of my own. I can assure everyone that when my kids grow, I will take them to private school using the income I am getting from groundnuts production.  My life has surely changed,”…

Women Economic Empowerment (WEE) project is not leaving the youth behind in involving them in agricultural activities. With most young people living in rural areas, where agriculture is likely to provide the main source of income, it is vital that young people are connected with farming. A lot of cooperatives that have been working with WEE project have youth as part of their members. Youth has been engaged in groundnuts production where all the relevant extension services have been imparted to them.

 A 33-year-old Goodson William, from Wintala village, Traditional Authority Mkanda in Mchinji District, revealed that he previously planted traditional variety in his one acre piece of land and harvested 15 bags of unshelled groundnut, despite planting early. After being trained by AICC, Goodson planted groundnuts on the same one acre and increased his volume of production. “I planted CG-10 which is an improved variety of groundnuts. I managed to follow all the agricultural instructions which I was taught from our lead farmer and I planted in good time. I have managed to reap thirty 50 Kgs bags of unshelled groundnuts from the same one acre.” Reiterated Goodson.

Goodson William standing on his pig kraal

Although he grows groundnut for food, Goodson said that with such harvests, he is selling the remainder to other farmers in his village. “I have been able to buy a land of my own and I have now diversified into pig production.  I can assure everyone that when my kids grow, I will take them to private schools through this income, and still have money in my pocket. My life has surely changed,” he stated, while smiling.




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