Sustainable Agribusiness Initiative (SABI)

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SABI is an agri-business stakeholder platform aimed at fostering engagement in the development of the agricultural sector and facilitating the development of public private partnerships contextually within the agricultural value chain. SABI facilitates and coordinates business-oriented solutions and partnership approaches in the agriculture sector to promote growth and public private cooperation.

Specifically the initiative aims at promoting:

  • Agribusiness Partnerships to provide a platform that enables private sector players to go beyond promoting their own products by bringing in different interventions to the farm for the benefit of a wider spectrum.
  • Skills Development providing a basis for training and developing business skills for students, local farmers, and agriculture extension services providers.
  • Act as catalyst to enhance out-grower capacity and serve as an initial interface between smallholders, agriculture industry service providers and buyers

Key outputs of the program include the following:

  • Establish agricultural demonstration and training farms as centers of excellence for stakeholders to demonstrate the sustainable and profitable crops and cropping systems.
  • Increase access and adoption of conservation agriculture and climate smart agriculture
  • Develop skills of students, farmers and agricultural extension service providers