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AICC staff trained on Stress Management

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A pictorial focus of AICC staff during the training

AICC hosted its staff members to a two days training on stress management at Ufulu Gardens in Lilongwe. The training was facilitated by South Africa based firm, MCA Training International from 20th to 21st August, 2018.

Staff members were trained on how to use stress as a ladder and a positive means to achieve results within working environment and elsewhere. The training centered on why stress motivates, how to control and manage stress. The facilitator, Boreham, furnished participants on how to treat and harness stress as a motivating factor to attain and maximize full potential. Henry Chiwalo, Finance and Administration Manager for AICC, emphasized the importance of the training. He further hinted that as organization AICC believes in continuous training of staff to increase or improve effectiveness and productivity of organization.



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