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Opportunity arose for Young Innovative Farmers (YIF)in Lilongwe to engage various service providers, when the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) organized a business  to business meeting for young innovative and service providers at BICC in Lilongwe.

The meeting which was facilitated in order to give a platforms to both parties to collaborate and discussion issues affecting them saw a number of young farmers from various location converging at one place in order to engage the service providers with hopes of string good deals with them.

Making a presentation on behalf of financial institutions, Chindikani Nyirenda of FDH bank articulated that various financial institutions in the country had now started opening up to offer loans to farmers especially those with sound business plan. Nyirenda gave an example of FDH bank which now had a full department that concentrates on agriculture related issues. He said, FDH has friendly services to all farmers and that the institution was already working with various agricultural institutions such as Auction Holdings Commodity Exchange (AHCX) in promoting the sector.

“ the approach to farming as a business is very viable and many financial institutions have now started to offer services to farmers that have shown serious potential in their agriculture business. This might have not been the case previously as most agriculture approaches lacked the business aspect hence it was hard for banks to finance such approaches.

However, just like any loan, the agriculture loans also come with its own conditions and banks first scrutinize the loans applications before they give out the loans in order to establish the viability of the business itself as well as the risk associated with it” narrated Nyirenda.

Reacting to the presentation, young farmers pleaded with financial institutions to consider revising their loan interest as they deter most them from accessing the loans as they are on a higher side.

Seed producers also had their time to present to the young farmers on what they have on offer for them. Making the presentation on behalf of seed producer, peacock seeds productions Manager Innocent Jumbe said the as a seed producing company they were more than ready to work with the young farmers on areas of their choice ranging from seed production to livestock breeding. Jumbe further said the company was very committed to uplift young farmers in the country as such he urged all the farmers present to consider meeting him after the meeting to strike deal immediately.

Speaking on behalf of AICC during the function, Young Innovative Farmer Project Manager, McLoud Kayira hailed the private sector and young innovative farmers that unveiled themselves to the function saying that was a strong indication that there was strong will for partnerships among all players. Kayira further narrated that the main aim of project was to make agriculture business unusual through young farmers as one way of making Agriculture productive and attractive. He therefore urged farmers to fully utilize the platform.


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