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Lombe (Center) recieving the award in Mauritius.

The World CSR Congress, an international institution that aims at propelling by the World Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Congress, an international institution that aims at propelling CSR among various business enterprises has awarded the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) an African NGO leadership award for its concentrated efforts in promoting best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices in the country.

Speaking before presenting the awards to various institution at the 6th African leadership awards in Le Meridien City in Mauritius, Dr R.L Bhatia founder of the World CSR Day said the congress started the initiative of awarding various institution in the continent with an aim of promoting the spirit of giving back to the society. Bhatia said the institutions being recognized are those that have truly shown to have the society they are working with at the centre of their businesses. He further expressed that apart from institutions promoting best CSR practices or practicing CSR, the congress also recognized innovative African institution working towards the promotion of sustainable developments across the continent.

“we need to promote the spirit of giving back to the society, our businesses need to go beyond profit making oriented mindset  but also seek to address various challenges that the society where our businesses are based meet of course businesses cannot address all the problems but little is better than none. And when we are talking of CSR there are generally best practices that ought to be promoted, actually some CSR’s are in essence not CSR’s but business promotions hence there is need to advocate for these best practices so that institutions can practice CSR’s that contribute to sustainable developments in countries” said Bhatia.

Speaking after receiving the award, AICC chief Executive Officer Dr. Felix Lombe, said the award will highly motivate the institution to do more in promoting best CSR practices as well as innovative approaches in addressing challenges affecting in Malawi. Lombe said the institution has always strived at promoting responsible businesses in the country by spearheading the mainstreaming of Corporate Citizenship of which CSR falls under.

“the importance of business in development cannot be undermined. When it comes to development in Africa, it is always argued that Africa countries do not have the much needed resources to develop but AICC believe a close collaborations between the public and private sectors can help to ease the situation. AICC constant advice and argument as an institution is that unless NGOs in Africa collaborate with not only government but also private sector, the sustainability and depth of impact of NGO; s interventions will remain a lip service. That is why, when promoting best CSr practices, we have also concentrated on fostering PPP’s across all sectors as one way of propagating sustainable developments in the country” articulated Lombe.

The 6th African leadership awards saw a number of Africa based institutions being recognized for their contributions to the development of their countries as well the whole continent. Other recipients of the awards in various categories included Adis Abab Univesity, the African water Association, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Jaguar Land Rover and various institutions from across the continent.


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