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Chimdala: From poverty to prosperity

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By all means, Hamilton Chimdala was classified as one of the poor in Chikunumbwi Section, Livunzu EPA in Chikwawa district. Living in a one roomed house with his wife and at the time 3 children, life was just impossible to cope with. “Chikwawa is a very hot district and to live in a one room house with 4 other people was just unbearable. Something had to be done,” he said.


In 2008, he was introduced to AICC through some friends. They had told him of the interventions that the organization had brought such as lending of fertilizer for rice farming. For him, this was a key to his prosperity and so he decided to be part of this initiative. Along with the fertilizer loan programme came trainings in the use of fertilizer, improved methods of rice farming through the Systems of rice Intensification (SRI) and Good Agricultural Pratices (GAPs) all of which he began practicing.

For 12 years he had been growing rice but had never experienced such tremendous results as he did when through the adopted technologies he harvested 12 bags of rice as opposed to the 7-8bags that he used to harvest before.


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Impressed with the results of these new technologies, Chimdala continued to use them and now 7 years later, he has built himself a three bedroomed house where with his wife and now 7 children, are able to live a more comfortable life. The house has ESCOM electricity connections and he plans on buying himself some luxury items such as a TV and radio. All his children of school-going age are now in school and he has no problems paying for their fees. “In the past, paying school fees would definitely have been a problem because I was struggling to provide for my family.

But now it is no problem at all thanks to the changes brought through AICC,” he said. Furthermore, he added that food is available throughout the year such that he is able to have his children eat rice porridge every morning before going to school. “I am sincerely grateful to AICC from taking me out of poverty to prosperity,” he said.


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