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Livuzu EPA Holds Field Day….

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AICC in collaboration with Livunzu EPA conducted a field day on 2nd March 2016 in Nkhate. A field day is one of  group methods used in extension teaching. The importance of field days lies in the fact that farmers are able to learn through seeing the fruits of a recommended farming technology.
The field day’s main aim was to show case Systems of Rice Intensification (SRI) technology. SRI is a method of growing rice which combines different sets of cultural practices for managing the soil, the plant, nutrients and water to produce high grain yields.




Present at the field day was Traditional Authority Makhuwira who was also the guest of honour, the councilor of Makhuwira ward, and representative from the District Agricultural Office as well as 125 farmers from Nkhate.
Farmers were taken through seed selection, nursery preparation and transplanting among other things. Lead farmers and AICC field officer facilitated showcasing of these stage. Seed selection was done by one of the lead farmers who demonstrated how it’s done and the materials that are required during this process. Nursery preparation was also demonstrated while for transplanting the farmers were taken to the field to learn on how it’s done.


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District Agricultural Office representative asked farmers to put in practice whatever they have learned. TA Makhuwira cemented these sentiments and asked its people to change their mind set as well as adopt SRI which is proved to be a better method than the conventional method.
Finally the government representative thanked AICC for their interventions in Nkhate



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