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Horticulture production enhances household wellbeing in Mndolera

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The Horticulture sector can be an integral part of local food system if an increase in small-scale farmers’ productivity and income is achieved. As part of investing in agriculture, The African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) in partnership with the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) has been executing a Micro Investment project called Commercial Agribusiness for Sustainable Horticulture (CASH) and now it is implementing it under Sustainable Food Systems for Rural Resilience and Transformation (TRANSFORM) project in Dowa and Rumphi Districts. Investing in the horticulture sector can be a key to eradicating poverty, hunger and malnutrition, particularly in rural areas where most of poor people live. Different Horticulture value chains contributes to income generation, household economic welfare as well as promoting entrepreneurship and rural development. Through the review of a number of case studies of farmers in Mndolera EPA we can surely assert that horticulture can contribute to household economic well-being.

Farmers in Mndolera EPA are able to sell horticulture products and use the proceeds to purchase additional food, keeping their children in schools and other domestic purposes. Mrs. Linesi Aron a woman of four children is one of the project’s early adopters of micro investment in Chichoza village, Traditional Authority Dzoole. Her first produce returned a profit of MWK 110,000 in three months. In half a year she went from below the poverty line to above average global income i.e.  From MWK 700 to MWK 2800 a day. Currently Mrs. Aron has reinvested in horticultural production as she has eight kits from the two kits she started with. She never expected to be financially independent, but now she has established a mini shop and she is also in goat production. From the horticultural production Mrs. Linesi Aron is able to cultivate her 3 acre Maize field as part of expanding her agricultural production.


Mrs. Linesi standing aside her goats and in her minishop


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