Our Staff

Chauffeur - Medium Banda

Medium is a certified Chauffeur and has over 15 years of experience as a professional driver.



Project Manager ( CASH) - Emmanuel Mponya

Emmanuel Mponya is a development professional with cross disciplinary experience.......


Field Agronomist-Lameck Mhango

Lameck Mhango is the Field Officer for Sustainable Lead Farmer Programme (SALFP) mainly....



Field Agronomist-Olivia Chipeta

Olivia Chipeta is a  Field Agronomist for CASH Project..



Field Agronomist- Chimwemwe Chikuni

Chimwemwe Chikuni is a Field Agronomist for Commercial Agribusiness for Sustainable Horticulture (CASH)..

Field Agronomist - Mwiza Simwinga

Mwiza Simwinga Theu is a field agronomist for CASH project.

Projects Officer - Chawezi M Banda

Chawezi holds the position of Project Officer for Cotton Platform. He has been with AICC since 2014.

Head Driver - Yohane Gonthi

Yohane is a professional driver with over...

Driver- Jacob Mulima

Jacob is a driver working with AICC. He has over eight years work experience...

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