PA/Administrative Assistant - Wezzie Mtonga

Wezzie is the Personal Assistant to the CEO but also works as Administrative Assistant. Her scope of work includes general office Administration, Arranging meetings, workshops, arranging travel and accommodation logistics for staff and assist in procurement of office/project materials.

She joined AICC in 2014 and holds a Diploma in Secretarial Management obtained in 2010 through Continuing   Education Centre (Polytechnic). Wezzie is currently studying towards degree in Public Administration with the Pentecostal Life University.

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African Institute of Corporate Citizenship,
Area 47/5/394
Off Bwanje Road,
Private Bag 382,
Lilongwe 3,

Phone: +265 310 001 396 (Administration)

+265 310 001 394/395 (Technical Staff)



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