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Victoria is member of AICC’s Board of Directors. She is a shareholder and Managing Director of Agricultural Resources Limited (ARL). For 12 years Victoria was Managing Director of Yara Malawi, former Norsk Hydro (a Norwegian based global fertilizer manufacturer).

Victoria has over 20 years in executive management in the Malawi agricultural sector and has been an integral part of private sector development in the transition between a non-liberalised economy to liberalised, serving on many task forces for private sector representation in government. She served a key role in the design of the first fertiliser starter pack programme under the Ministry of Agriculture under the then Minister Hon. Aleke Banda.

Through her leadership, ARL’s CSR programme manages a portfolio of community projects on behalf of The Raising Malawi Trust. Victoria is a patron of the United Nations Global Compact for Malawi; Past President and Past Assistant District Governor of Rotary Club of Lilongwe, Malawi under District 9210; former Board Trustee Malawi, Natural Resources College; Director of the Board of Networking Organisation for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (NOVOC) head of finance committee; Board Trustee of Mchinji Orphanage, Home of Hope; Board member of Environmental Africa, an international NGO whose VISION is to champion the African environment and whose is mission is to work together with all sectors of society raising awareness, encouraging action and advocating a better environment that uplifts to the livelihoods of current and future generations; and Chair and Trustee of The Raising Malawi Trust.

Serves as Trustee on The Amang’amane Mseko Gomani Trust serving the Royal Decree of the Sleeping Paramount Chief, InkosiYaMakosiGomani 4 for the revival of the cultural links of the Maseko Ngoni (of the original Zulu tradition).


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