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Zithulele Cindi is a Board Member of AICC. Born in Alexandra Township Johannesburg South Africa in 1950, Mr. Cindi matriculated at the Orlando West High School (SOWETO) in 1970. His belief in striking a balance between the three ‘P’s’ of sustainability thus people, profits and planet saw him garner over 20 years’ experience with Socially Responsible Investments(SRI) in South Africa where he was instrumental in the launch of the Community Growth Funds(CGF). This was the first SRI fund established in an emerging economy since 1992. It led him to serving over 15 years as member of the board of Unity Incorporation. He is also Board Member of two similar organisations that focus on socially responsible investment thus the Community Growth Management Company (COMANCO) (20years) and the Setsing Financial Services (14years). These three organisations lay strong emphasis on environmental, social and environmental consideration in all their investment decisions that is characterized by shareholder activism and robust engagement.

He brings along a rich historical background of over 15 years of trade union activism and involvement as an Educator, Trustee and Chief Administrator (General Secretary) for the Black Electrical and Electronics Workers Union and the Metal and Electrical Workers Union of S.A. (MEWUSA). It is widely acknowledged that it was also through the vibrant trade union activism that contributed in great measure to the political consciousness evinced by millions of South Africans and many others enjoying a number of human rights benefits under the new democratic dispensation. It was during this period that he became part of the labour constituency that participated in the Nedlac Process, a tripartite policy formulation forum, serving in the Trade and Industry Chamber from inception till 2002.

As a Non-executive Director on the Board of MTN (SA), a listed telecommunications company operating in Africa and the Middle East, he contributed to its progressive labour relations and other sustainability policies. Member of the JSE/SRI Advisory Committee that encourages listed companies to pay attention and adhere to responsible investment dictates.

He also serves on the Board of the Industrial Ministry South Africa(IMSA) , an ecumenical body focusing on corporate citizenship and workplace matters by administering to the spiritual needs of people in the world of work. Member of the UNEP African Task Force on Sustainable Banking and Financial Initiatives (UNEPFI). Also represents Unity Incorporation at the United Nations Principle for Responsible Investment(UNPRI) forums as a South African-based signatory.


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