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Wiskes Dafter Gray Nkombezi joined as board director of African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) in 2019. He is currently working with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism as Director of SMEs and Cooperatives where he is providing leadership to the Department of SMEs and Cooperatives in terms of work plans and budgets, policy, strategy and vision.

He is equally implementing the Cooperative Societies Act as Registrar of Cooperative Societies in Malawi, he sits as ex-officio on behalf of the Principal Secretary in Parastatal Boards that deal with issues of Microfinance, SMEs and Cooperatives, he provides policy and technical input and advice in Project Steering Committees and Project Technical Committees and he formulates, review and implement SMEs, Cooperative and Value Addition policies and programmes in line with Government vision and development strategies.

Mr. Mkombezi has coordinated different developmental projects including the Malawi Enterprise Productivity Enhancement (MEPE) Project funded by the European Union (EU) which he was responsible for leadership of the Project Coordination Unit (PCU), ensuring there are synergies with existing projects, alignment with Government Strategic Planning and Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism annual plans. He also had oversight and approvals of project activities implementation and he facilitated the intra-ministerial coordination to ensure that various agencies and ministries identified to support project implementation commits to participate in the project 

He also worked as Principal Enterprise Development Officer where he was responsible for developing and reviewing policies and strategies for the development of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) sector; Monitoring and evaluating SMEs that benefit from Government support; Analysing policies, trade and investment agreements to assess their impact on SMES and Providing extension and advisory services to SMEs.

He has extensive experience in public relations, development imitatives as well as public management. Mr. Mkombezi holds a Master of Public Policy specializing in Economic Policy (with Merit), Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (with Distinction), Bachelor of Business Administration (With Credit). Mr. Mkokmbezi brings in extensive experience in Public Private Partnership strategies, Trade and Development, Comprehensive and Integrative Public Support Systems as well as International Trade Policy for National and Regional Development.

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