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Henry Burger joined as Director for the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) in September 2019. He is currently serving as Managing Director of Famers Organization Limited and is leading the integration of FOL as a division of AECI,JSE listed group.

He leads FOL representing major Proprietary global Agro-chemical, public and environmental health, plant health, seed suppliers and spraying equipment producers around the world.

Mr. Burger studied Plant Production and holds a Post-Graduate qualification in Business Management and Marketing from WITS Business School in South Africa. A highly experienced EXCO Level Management & Marketing Lead, with 19 years' achievement delivering multi-regional business growth in developed and developing countries across Africa. Henry possess deep experience in negotiating the African business, economic and political landscape, at managing multinational and multicultural relationships, and in operations and value chain development in MENA markets. With advanced communication and networking abilities, he excel at driving market entry, leading change, and managing internal and external customers.

Mr. Burger bring 13 years’ experience in Business and Trade Management across 17 African countries. Mr. Burger served for 10 years as expat CEO for the largest East Africa Forestry Company, as MD for a listed multinational Agribusiness Joint Venture in Zambia and the listed largest Agro-Chemical supplier in Malawi. He also served as the Vice Chairman of the Grain Traders Association of Zambia (GTAZ) 2013 – 2015). With extensive experience in the African economic and political landscape he relates to multinational, multicultural and multilingual individuals and organizations. He has an excellent ability to work with/in both developed and developing countries and organizations. Mr. Burger is passionate about business and about leaving a positive social footprint and legacy.

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