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In Malawi AICC has two main programmes focusing on Agriculture and Governance. The programmes are aimed at facilitating public — private partnerships in the agriculture sector using the value chain approach and promoting good governance through collaboration with companies, government and civil society. BAAC whose main aim is to engage the business community in the fight against corruption.

rightalign1. Agriculture

Malawi Agriculture Partnership

MAP has facilitated the establishment of several public- private sector partnerships that provide commercial and developmental support to sustainable and profitable smallholder agriculture in Malawi. The following are some projects under MAP:

i. Cotton Platform - is registered as Cotton Development Trust and comprises all players in the cotton value chain. lts main objective is to facilitate rapid growth of cotton industry through collaborative efforts of all players along the value chain.

ii. Rice Partnership - aims to improve the rice value chain in Malawi by engaging farmers, traders, processors and other stakeholders. The focus is to increase the amount of rice traded by ensuring that rice of high quality is produced consistently and in adequate supply.

iii. Sustainable Agribusiness Initiative Demonstration Farm - consists of land at Natural Resources College in Lilongwe where various crops and cropping systems are demonstrated for students, farmers, buyers researchers and other stakeholders for skills and technologies sharing thereby promoting cooperation among public and private players.

iv. Legumes Platform - aims to promote sustainable legume production, processing, value addition and marketing.

2. Governance and Advisory Service

i. Coordinating the role of Private Sector Pillar in the National Anti-Corruption Strategy - through Business Action Against Corruption (BAAC) member companies.

ii. National Integrity System support project - Joint project with Malawi Economic Justice Network — MEJN supported by DFID and Transparency International

iii. Providing support to innovative programs aimed at promoting participation, transparency and accountability. AICC is also involved in rolling out E-voucher system aimed at improving efficiency and security in farm input distribution.

About Us

The African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) is a non-governmental organization whose main mandate is to promote the role of business in development. The AICC specializes in acting as a catalyst and facilitator of change; as a broker and initiator of multi-sector partnerships and platforms; and as a knowledge management hub for issues relating to the role of responsible business in society in Africa. In Malawi the AICC has two main programmes and these are Business Action Against Corruption (BAAC) a private sector-led initiative in addressing issues of corruption and the Malawi Agriculture Partnership (MAP) program.

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